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Canberra Goulburn

Ministry to the Newly Married

The Ministry to the Newly Married is a mentoring program for Newly Married Couples, married in the Catholic Church, in the first five years of their marriage

How Does it Work?

Each Newly Married couple is matched with an “Adoptive” Couple, with whom they meet four times during the year at 2-3 monthly intervals.

Each year the Newly Married couple is linked to a different Adoptive Couple; so over the five years the Newly Marrieds tackle twenty different topics (4 topics x 5 years) and get an insight into five different marriages.

The year begins in February with an Opening Dinner – a “fun” night when everyone meets, mixes, wines and dines. Towards the end of the evening Newly Marrieds and Adoptive Couples are matched; each pair then get together over coffee to plan their first meeting.

An outline is provided for each talk; the Adoptive Couples meet together as a group to work through the presentation and their examples before each meeting with their young couple. Newly Married couples are given handouts to assist with reflection on the topic after the talk.

There is also a Graduation Night in October where Newly Married couples who have been in the program for five years are farewelled and congratulated.

Ideally, registrations are required by November with the program starting the following February with the Opening Dinner.

Who Are Adoptive Couples?

Adoptive Couples are Catholic couples who have a strong belief in and love of the sacrament of marriage and are prepared to openly and honestly share their marriage journey with newly marrieds. What they share is the day to day experiences of their marriage journey.

If you want to learn more:

Brochure – Ministry to the newly Married (pdf – 2.95 MB)

Contact the Canberra Support Team:
Ralph & Angela
(m) 0401 994 081   (e)